This is an example of how we relate to our clients

One of the directors of a company interested in going into agriculture reached out to us via our Email. Looking at the nature of the proposal we assembled a team comprising of architectect,engineer, quantity surveyor and an agriculturalist to put up a propsal for the company

Our engineers and architects designed a standard farm in two and three dimensions,showing the farm layout, farm houses,feed processing factory, pens etc.

First Samone has been a blessing to our company. We reached out to them when we wanted to start our farming business. Today we have a very big modern farm.

Paul T


First Samone agricultural engineers, economists, agronomists, soil and plant scientist and other professionals in its agriculture department came up with a proposal on the type of crops and animals that would be viable for our company after rigorous analysis.

We followed the proposal given to us. Today we have a very big, mordern, and profitable farm.

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