High Quality Animal And Crop Production

We produce and sell high quality farm products, such as rice, beans, yams, maize, sowbeans etc. The farm animals we produce and sell include poultry birds and eggs, fishes, cattles and goats. We also produce and sell their feeds.

Modern Design And Construction Techniques In Roads And Buildings

We carry out all forms of design in a building, ranging from architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, land and quantity surveying. You can also count on us for complex road and bridge designs and construction. We have done several before and we can do it again any time you call on us. Other construction related activities we carry out are listed below.

  • Production and sales of construction materials like culverts, building blocks etc.
  • Leasing of construction equipments like excavators, dozers, graders, etc.
  • Sale/lease of lands and apartments

Checkout Our Information Communication technology Department for the latest technological solutions.

We do web design and development, graphic design and marketing, information communication technology training school, human resource management and much more.